Stage 01+02

Alexandria - Cape Town

12.11. to 07.12.2014


Distance: ca. 11.000 km

Accomodation: Hotel


Countries: Egypt, North Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa






27 days

6.250 €

A dream car trip.

From the pyramids on the Nile to the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa. Spend 5 weeks discovering the many spectacular landscapes and great cultural diversity of the African continent. Desserts, mountains and vast plains; thundering waterfalls, diverse cultures and demanding terrain. 11,000 km of African adventure await you on the famous eastern route, which will require great commitment from every one of the tour participants. A worthy way to start the XWORLD AFRICA adventure.





+ Crossing Africa on the eastern route

+ One of the last great automotive adventures away from the tourist trail

+ Crossing the equator

+ Visiting countries that few individuals can travel to such as Sudan and


+ Crossing the ‘green border’ from Ethiopia to Kenya


+ Booking request


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Tag 2:
220 km Alexandria – Cairo

Visiting the Pyramids of Giza



Tag 3:

630 km Cairo – Luxor

Visiting the Luxor temple



Tag 4:

580 km Luxor – Abu Simbel

Visiting the Abu Simbel temples



Tag 5:

380 km Abu Simbel – Dongola

Boat trip on Lake Nasser and border crossing into Sudan



Tag 6:

550 km Dongola – Meroe

Driving through the  Nubian Desert and visiting the pyramids of Meroe



Tag 7:

650 km Meroe – Gedaref



Tag 8:

360 km Gedaref – Gondar

Border crossing into Ethiopia



Tag 9:

210 km Gondar – Bahir Da

Visiting the Blue Nile Falls



Tag 10:

480 km Bahir Da – Addis Abeba

Capital of Ethiopia



Tag 11:

480 km Addis Abeba – Arba Minch




Tag 12:

260 km Arba Minch – Turmi




Tag 13:

350 km Turmi – Loiyangalani

Crossing the ‘green border’ into Kenya and picturesque drive on gravel tracks along Lake Turkana




Tag 14:

520 km Loiyangalani –  Naro Moru

Lodge with views of Mount Kenya



Tag 15:

550 km Naro Moru – Musoma

Crossing the equator, border crossing into Tanzania and driving along Lake Victoria


Tag 16:

500 km Musoma – Tuboro




Tag 17:

560 km Tuboro – Mbeya




Tag 18:

510 km Mbeya – Mbika

Border crossing into Zimbabwe



Tag 19:

630 km Mbika – Lusaka

Capital of Zimbabwe



Tag 20:

490 km Lusaka – Livingstone

Victoria Falls


Tag 21:

480 km Livingstone – Rundu

Border crossing into Namibia and driving along the Caprivi Strip



Tag 22:

730 km Rundu – Etosha




Tag 23:

360 km Lusaka – Windhoeck

Game drive through the Etosha National Park



Tag 24:


Victoria Fälle



Tag 25:

420 km Puffer




Tag 26:


Feeder flight to Cape Town?!







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