Stage 10

Maun - Johannesburg

21.3. to 4.4.2015


Distance: 2.940 km

Accommodation: Hotel









15 Days

 4.380 €

Through the Kalahari

Vast expanses of land, pure tranquillity, red sand dunes and barren semi-arid areas shape the face of this stage. Yet in the heart of this seemingly uninhabitable region we’ll find a broad range of animals, including lions, elephants, springboks, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes, blue wildebeest and many more. Our route takes us through the most stunning areas of the 1.2 million square kilometre Kalahari Desert, along tracks that were still impassable just a few years ago. A truly unique offroad adventure!




Day 1:

separate outbound travel


Day 2:
Maun I

Meet in the evening to discuss the upcoming days. Hotel


Day 3:

310 km Maun - Nata I

The route takes us east through beautiful natural landscapes through the Nxai Pan National Park. With a little luck, we’ll spot families of ostriches, zebra, springboks and possibly even elephants and lions. Hotel


Day 4:

320 km Nata - Rakops I

The offroad stage takes us through the Makgadikgadi Pan past Baobab trees and through wildlife-filled grasslands. Lodge


Day 5:

180 km Rakops I

We enter the Central Kalahari Game Reserve where we’ll observe wild animals on a game drive along dirt tracks. Hotel


Day 6:

260 km Rakops – Ghanzi I

We spend the day heading across the Kalahari on a broad range of tracks to the Ghanzi farmland. Hotel


Day 7:

270 km Ghanzi - Kang I

We head south across the almost uninhabited wilderness on the Trans-Kalahari Highway passing the Tropic of Capricorn. Hotel


Day 8:

270 km Ghanzi - Kang I

We head south across the almost uninhabited wilderness on the Trans-Kalahari Highway passing the Tropic of Capricorn. Hotel

Day 9:

250 km Kang – Kgalagadi Park I

We head out on a safari to observe the wild animals in the park. Lodge


Day 10:

230 km Kgalagadi Park – Upington I

We cross the Kgalagadi Park and head into its South African section. From the border, we continue to Upington. Hotel


Day 11:

200 km Upington – Witsand Nature Reserve I

This short day stage takes us along the Oranje River to the Witsand Nature Reserve. Lodge in the middle of the sand dunes


Day 12:

300 km Witsand Nature Reserve – Kimberley I

We drive along the Asbestos Mountains to the former diamond mining town of Kimberley. We visit the ‘Big Hole’ and take a walk through the museum village. Hotel


Day 13:

520 km Kimberley – Johannesburg I

We travel to Johannesburg on tarmac roads, stopping on route to visit the Vredefort Dome UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Hotel


Day 14:

Johannesburg – return flight I

Group breakfast and separate departure


Day 15:

arrival in Germany.



Trip through the Makgadikgadi Pan

Day trip in the driest region of the Kalahari, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park, with the chance to spot lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, wildebeest and springboks in their natural environment

Enjoying the solitude and tranquillity of the desert while sipping a refreshing drink on a lodge terrace in the Kalahari

Visiting the former diamond mining town of














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