Stage 15

Johannesburg - Arusha

6.6. to 20.6.2015


Distance: 4.890 km

Accommodation: Hotel









15 Days

 4.390 €

Following in the footsteps of David Livingstone

In 1841, the missionary David Livingstone set off to Africa. As the first European to stand at the Victoria Falls, he also navigated the Zambesi River and discovered Lake Malawi. Over the last 170 years, the region has been increasingly developed but there is still plenty to see and discover on the route from Johannesburg past the Victoria Falls and along Lake Malawi and the Massai Steppe to Arusha.




Day 1:

separate outbound travel


Day 2:
Johannesburg I

Arrival in Johannesburg, group evening meal and a look at the map. Hotel


Day 3:

520 km Johannesburg - Messina I

We drive north on the Great North Road (N1). Hotel


Day 4:

650 km Messina - Hwange I

After entering Zimbabwe, the long route heads north west. Hotel


Day 5:

250 km Hwange I

Game drive on exciting offroad tracks through the wild and animal-filled Hwange National Park. Hotel


Day 6:

100 km Hwange – Victoriafälle I

After a short drive, we visit the world famous Victoria Falls. Hotel


Day 7:

520 km Victoriafälle - Lusaka I

We cross the border into Zimbabwe then drive the picturesque route from Livingstone to Lusaka. Hotel


Day 8:

720 km Lusaka – Lilongwe I

This long day’s drive takes us along the foothills of the Muchinga Mountains and the border with Mozambique to Malawi’s capital Lilongwe. Hotel


Day 9:

370 km Lilongwe – Nkhata Bay I

The route follows in Livingstone’s footsteps along the beautiful Lake Malawi to the north. Hotel overlooking the lake


Day 10:

250 km Nkhata Bay – Livingstonia I

We follow pretty mountain passes through the Viphya Mountains to Livingstonia where we visit the famous missionary house. Basic accommodation


Day 11:

500 km Livingstonia - Farm Kisolanza I

The route continues further along Lake Malawi and over the border into Tanzania. From there, we travel along the Great Rift Valley to the Kisolanza Farm. Overnight stay at the farm


Day 12:

330 km Farm Kisolanza – Dodoma I

The day’s drive takes us along the foothills of the Rubeho Mountains on mainly gravel roads to Tanzania’s capital Dodoma. Hotel


Day 13:

430 km Dodoma – Arusha I

The final day of driving takes us along the Massai Steppe through diverse landscapes to Arusha. Hotel


Day 14:

Arusha – return flight I

Time to say our goodbyes – separate return journeys.


Day 15:

arrival in Germany.




Day trip in the Hwange National Park, home  to elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, hippos, zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, cheetahs and more

Visiting the Victoria Falls

Driving along Lake Malawi and visiting the mission station in Livingstonia

Adventurous day stage along the Rubeho Mountains












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