Stage 19

Addis Abeba - Addis Abeba

1.8. to 14.8.2015


Distance: 2.350 km

Accommodation: Hotel









14 Days

4.190 €

The cradle of mankind

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and looks back on a long and proud history. On this XWORLD stage, we explore the historic north of this ancient cultural landscape, enjoy the fascinating country and culture and receive insights into their remarkable history, which dates back over three million years.




Day 1:

separate outbound travel


Day 2:
Addis Abeba I

Arrival in Addis Abeba, group meeting for a look at the map and to discuss the upcoming days. Hotel


Day 3:

480 km Addis Abeba – Bahir Dar I

A long day’s drive to the north. The route zig-zags its way through the Ethiopian highlands to Lake Tana. Hotel


Day 4:

210 km Bahir Dar - Gonder I

We visit the Blue Nile Falls and continue along Lake Tana to the imperial city of Gonder. Hotel


Day 5:

150 km Gonder – Simien Mountains I

The day stage takes us into the grandiose area of the Simien Mountains in the eponymous national park. Option to take a short hike around the park. Hotel


Day 6:

280 km Simien Mountains – Axum I

The track zig-zags its way along the spectacular Simien Mountains through primordial landscapes in the north of Ethiopia to Axum. Hotel


Day 7:

Axum I

Rest day in Axum and visit to the historically important kings’ graves, the 30 m high grave tomb and the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. Hotel

Day 8:

230 km Axum – Mekele I

We continue through the mountainous region on gravel tracks and tarmac roads to Mekele. Hotel


Day 9:

250 km Mekele – Lalibela I

We drive to Lalibela along glorious minor roads used by very few tourists. Hotel


Day 10:

Lalibela I

Rest day in Lalibela with enough time to visit the world famous monolithic church. Hotel


Day 11:

370 km Lalibela - Kombolcha I

As we continue on our journey, the spectacular views of the high plains and the friendly people by the sides of the route continually invite us to linger a while. Hotel


Day 12:

380 km Kombolcha – Addis Abeba I

Last day of driving on well-developed roads back to Ethiopia’s capital and final evening. Hotel


Day 13:

Addis Abeba – return flight I

Separate departure after breakfast


Day 14:

arrival in Germany.








Visiting the Blue Nile Falls

Driving over gravel tracks through the grandiose landscape of the Simien Mountain National Park

Rest day in Axum, the capital of the Kingdom of Axum

Driving along tracks used by few tourists through

the north-east of the Ethiopian highlands

Visiting the famous monolithic church of Lalibela, which is made from a single stone














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