Stage 20

Addis Abeba - Tripolis

15.8. to 5.9.2015


Distance: 5.870 km

Accommodation: Camp









22 Days

5.950 €

Between desert and ancient culture

Participants are awaited by unique landscapes, such as the Ethiopian highlands, the Butana Plain, the Nubian, White and Sirte Deserts and fertile oases. Combined with visits to relics of days gone by, such as the Pyramids of Meroe and Giza, the imperial city of Gonder or the Roman ruins in Leptis Magna, these make this XWORLD stage a unique and unforgettable adventure.




Day 1:

 separate outbound travel


Day 2:
Addis Abeba I

Arrival in Addis Abeba, look at the map and discussion of the upcoming days. Hotel


Day 3:

480 km Addis Abeba – Bahir Dar I

The route zig-zags along the canyons of the Blue Nile and through the Ethiopian highlands. Hotel


Day 4:

210 km Bahir Dar - Gonder I

After visiting the Blue Nile Falls, we continue along Lake Tana. Hotel


Day 5:

430 km Gonder – Steppe I

We cross the border with Sudan and explore the al Butanah steppe region. Camp


Day 6:

210 km Steppe – Khartoum I

The route continues along gravel and sand tracks to Khartoum. Hotel


Day 7:

240 km Khartoum - Meroe I

We follow the Nile to the Pyramids of Meroe. Camp


Day 8:

370 km Meroe – Nubische Wüste I

We continue into the Nubian Desert. Camp


Day 9:

340 km Nubische Wüste – Grenze I

The road leads us through the Nubian Desert to Lake Nasser. Camp


Day 10:

10 km Grenze – Abu Simbel I

We cross the lake and the Egypt border. Hotel


Day 11:

Abu Simbel I

Buffer day for border formalities


Day 12:

340 km Abu Simbel – Bir Tarfawi I

We travel along picturesque gravel tracks through the Western Desert. Camp

Day 13:

360 km Bir Tarfawi – Dakhla I

We continue through the desert to the Dakhla Oasis. Hotel


Day 14:

Dakhla I

Rest day


Day 15:

230 km Dakhla – Weiße Wüste I

We follow tarmac roads to the White Desert. Camp


Day 16:

500 km Weiße Wüste – Gizeh I

The route takes us to Giza where we visit the famous pyramids


Day 17:

450 km Gizeh – Camp I

We say goodbye to the Nile and drive to the Mediterranean. Camp away from the road


Day 18:

600 km Tubruq – Sirte Wüste I

We cross the border into Libya. Hotel


Day 19:

600 km Tubruq – Sirte Wüste I

Journey through the desert and steppe region to the Sirte Desert. Camp


Day 20:

590 km Sirte Wüste – Lepis Magna I

We drive along the Mediterranean coast to the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna. Hotel


Day 21:

140 km Lepis Magna – Tripolis I

Last day of driving on coastal roads to Tripoli. Hotel


Day 22:

separate departure and arrival back in Germany.



Visiting the Blue Nile Falls in the Ethiopian highlands

Spending the night under 100,000 stars in the midst of the Meroe ruins

Driving along gravel and sand tracks through the Western Desert and to the impressive rock formations of the White Desert

Visiting the impressively well-preserved ruined city of Leptis Magna, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site














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