Stage 21

Tripolis - Tripolis

5.9. to 19.9.2015


Distance: 3.380 km

Accommodation: Camp









14 Days

3.980 €

An exploration of Libya

The fascinating and mysterious country of Libya is located in the north of Africa between desert and the Mediterranean. In recent years, Libya has drawn attention to itself through shocking news reports. In the last few months, the political situation in the desert state has noticeably stabilised. Although this naturally depends on the political situation on the planned date of departure, we hope to be able to operate this long-since impossible tour through this fantastic country in 2015. The planned route takes us to spectacular oases such as the Waw an Namus and the Mandara Lakes. As we drive through the breathtaking landscapes of the Sahara, you’ll be astounded at just how many different faces the desert can have.





Visiting the impressively well-preserved ruined city of Leptis Magna, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site

Rest day in the midst of the Sahara Desert by the Mandara Lakes

Two days of adventurous driving through the Sahara sand dunes

Driving along ancient caravan routes through the desert













Day 1:

 separate travel to Tripoli, discussion of the tour. Hotel


Day 2:
150 km Tripolis – Leptis Magna I

We travel along coastal roads to the well-preserved Roman ruins of Leptis Magna. Visit and Hotel


Day 3:

650 km Leptis Magna – Zilla I

The route follows the coastal road to the city of Sirte then continues south to the Sahara. Camp in the desert


Day 4:

350 km Zilla – Wüste I

This day stage takes us along tracks past the caravan orientation point ‘Interesting Black Mountains’ and further into the desert. Camp


Day 5:

300 km Camp – Waw an Namus I

We travel over small dunes into one of the Sahara’s most remote regions and the impressive volcanic crater Waw an Namus. Camp


Day 6:

450 km Waw an Namus – Mandara Seen I

We head along tracks and tarmac roads into the dunes of the Mandara Lakes. Camp


Day 7:

Mandara Seen I

Rest day by the lakes with the option of going swimming. Camp


Day 8:

120 km Mandara Seen – Camp I

Demanding day of driving to the north with difficult dune sections.

Camp in the dunes


Day 9:

130 km Camp – Idri I

We travel through the sand dunes, continuing towards Idri. Camp


Day 10:

260 km Idri – Camp I

This day section heads along former caravan routes towards the coast. We cross sandy sections and discover further gravel plains and deep canyons. Camp


Day 11:

320 km Camp – Ghadames I

We continue through the Sahara to the historic oasis of Ghadames.

Basic hotel


Day 12:

650 km Ghadames – Tripolis I

We finally return to tarmac roads, which take us back out of the Sahara and to Tripoli on the coast. Hotel


Day 13:

Tripolis I

Group tour of the historic city in the morning. Free time in the afternoon. Final evening spent together as a group


Day 14:

separate departure.



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