Stage 22

Tripolis - Bremen

20.9. to 18.10.2015


Distance: 8.255 km

Accommodation: Camp









29 Days

9.870 €

Sahara expedition

In the 19th century, the first Europeans set out across the Sahara on legendary expeditions. This adventurous XWORLD stage follows in the footsteps of great explorers such as Rohlfs, Barth and Nachtigal, heading along former caravan routes through the middle of the Sahara. Even today, large parts of this desert are visited by very few tourists. Providing the political situation is stable, this trip will be a true adventure for all the explorers among us.



Day 1:

separate travel to Tripoli,discussion of the tour. Hotel


Day 2:
630 km Tripolis - Ghadames I

Drive to the historic oasis of Ghadames. Hotel


Day 3:

300 km Ghadames - Wüste I

We travel through canyons along former caravan routes and into the desert. Camp


Day 4:

260 km Wüste – Idri I

Sand tracks and gravel plains lead us to Idri. Camp


Day 5:

380 km Idri – Mandara Seen I

We travel to the lakes over tracks and tarmac roads. Camp


Day 6:

350 km Mandara – Al Katrun I

We head along offroad tracks into the south of Libya. Camp


Day 7:

360 km Al Katrun – desert I

We cross the border into Chad. Camp


Day 8:

230 km desert – Djado Plateau I

We drive to the Djado Plateau and its fort. Camp


Day 9:

240 km Djado Plateau – Bilma I

We head south, following in the footsteps of the explorers. Basic hotel


Day 10:

360 km Bilma - Agadem I

An adventurous trip through the sandy dunes of the Grand Erg de Bilma takes us to Agadem. Camp


Day 11:

320 km Agadem – Niguimi I

We reach Lake Chad. Hotel


Day 12:

Niguimi – Zinder I

We follow good roads to the west. Hotel


Day 13:

275 km Zinder –Agadez I

We follow tarmac roads to the north. Camp


Day 14:

530 km Agadez – Assamaka I

We travel through the Sahara region to the Algerian border. Camp



Impressive route along former caravan routes through spectacular and diverse Sahara landscapes

Driving through the volcanic Hoggar Mountains, home to the Tuareg people

Demanding, sometimes long days of driving away from the tourist trail make this stage a highlight for those looking for adventure

Celebration in Bremen to mark the end of the XWORLD Africa tour















Day 15:

400 km Assamaka – Tamanrasset I

After crossing the border, we explore the Tuareg region. Hotel


Day 16:
20 km  Tamanrasset – Hoggar I

We travel through the Hoggar Mountains surrounded by a bizarre rocky landscape. Camp


Day 17:

370 km Hoggar – desert I

Demanding drive along tracks through the Sahara. Camp


Day 18:

340 km desert – In Aménas I

We continue along tracks through further impressive landscapes. Hotel


Day 19:

230 km In Aménas – desert I

The route takes us north along gravel tracks. Camp


Day 20&21:

450 km desert – El Oued I

We cross the sand dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental and set up camp in the dunes before travelling to El Oued the next day. Hotel


Day 22:

150 km El Oued - Tozeur I

We cross the border into Tunisia. Hotel


Day 23:

450 km Tozeur – Tunis I

We follow tarmac roads to Tunis. Hotel


Day 24:

Tunis I

Free time and drive to the ferry


Day 25&26:

Ferry crossing I

Ferry over the Mediterranean from Tunis to Genoa


Day 27:

850 km Genua – Fulda I

We drive through Italy and Switzerland to Germany. Hotel


Day 28:

390 km Fulda – Bremen I

On the very last day stage, we reach Bremen.

– end of tour celebration at HANSA-FLEX


Day 29:









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