Stage 01+02

Alexandria - Cape Town

12.11. to 07.12.2014


A dream car trip.

From the pyramids on the Nile to the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa. Spend 5 weeks discovering the many spectacular landscapes and great cultural diversity of the African continent. Desserts, mountains and vast plains; thundering waterfalls, diverse cultures and demanding terrain. 11,000 km of African adventure await you on the famous eastern route, which will require great commitment from every one of the tour participants. A worthy way to start the XWORLD AFRICA adventure.


27 Days

6.250 €

Stage 03

Cape Town - Cape Town

6.12. to 13.12.2014


Offroad und Luxus am Western Cape

Die dritte Etappe der XWORLD Africa bietet atemberaubende Landschaften, das legendäre Kap der Guten Hoffnung, kilometerlange Sandstrände und romantische Weinberge.

Ein besonderes Highlight bildet die Safari am vierten Tag, auf der wir mit ein wenig Glück die Big Five (Löwe, Elefant, Nashorn, Leopard und Büffel) in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung beobachten können. Abgerundet wird das Ganze mit einer Prise reinem Offroad-Fahr-

vergnügen auf den landschaftlich schönsten, aber auch anspruchsvollsten Strecken am Western Cape.


8 Days

2.890 €

Stage 04

Cape Town - Windhoek

3.1. to 17.1.2015


Dream routes through the south-west of Africa

A unique and immeasurable wealth of animals and diverse natural landscapes with towering mountains, deep canyons, beautiful beaches, breathtaking desert regions and fantastic expanses of open land. These are just a few of the many amazing things that this XWORLD stage has to offer as it travels along a diverse route to the most beautiful areas of the south-west of South Africa and Namibia.


 15 Days

4.380 €

Stage 05

Windhoek - Windhoek

17.1. to 31.1.2015


Offroad adventure in the little known south of Angola

And suddenly you find yourself in the middle of an adventure – that’s XWORLD. That’s Angola! This stage heads off the beaten track and along deserted sandy beaches and impressive mountain passes, through sheer, endless plains, past the waterfalls in the Tundavala Gap and along the Cunene River. In addition to the unique landscapes, the fascinating people of the Himba tribe and the huge herds of animals are the key draws to this tour stage.


 15 Days

3.980 €

Stage 06

Windhoek - Windhoek

31.1. to 7.2.2015


Lodge safari through Namibia

Welcome to the lodge safari through Namibia! This stage offers mile upon mile of reddish-orange sand dunes that stretch along the deserted Atlantic coast plus a trip along rugged canyons through stunning, almost surreal-seeming desert landscapes. We’ll also spot lions, elephants and hippos in their natural habitats and enjoy pleasantly warm evenings sipping cool drinks on the terraces of luxury lodges. These and more highlights make the sixth stage of the XWORLD tour a real adventure.


 8 Days

3.390 €

Stage 07

Windhoek - Maun

14.2. to 28.2.2015


The unique sides of Namibia and Botswana

Vast, endless expanses and paradisiacal wilderness make this XWORLD stage truly unique. Starting in Windhoek the largely all-wheel-drive 4x4 route passes from one highlight

to the next. Key names and phrases like the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta, big five spotting in the Chobe National Park and the Victoria Falls get the imagination racing and fill you with excited anticipation for the trip.



15 Days

4.390 €

Stage 08

Maun - Maun

28.2. to 7.3.2015


Lodge safari in the Okavango Delta

In the far north of Botswana is a unique natural paradise just waiting to be discovered. Game drives through the Okavango Delta, one of the world’s last remaining intact ecosystems, are the perfect way to watch the big five and other animals in their natural habitats. Whether prides of lions lazing in the shade of acacia trees, herds of buffalo and zebra roaming through the savannah, elephants cooling off in waterholes or leopards lolling on tree branches, this impressive offroad safari along the banks of the Okavango and through the Chobe National Park will leave you with amazing, unforgettable memories.


8 Days

4.980 €

Stage 09

Maun - Maun

7.3. to 15.3.2015


Camping safari through Botswana

Who hasn’t dreamt of gazing at the stars while enjoying a refreshing drink at sunset and listening to trumpeting elephants and roaring lions?This stage takes us through two fascinating national parks with an abundance of wildlife – the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park. We continue through further savannahs along exciting tracks, some of which are only suitable for offroad vehicles, and cross the world’s largest salt pan. With several nights of camping, this XWORLD stage gives you an up close encounter of the breathtaking diversity that Botswana has to offer.


9 Days

2.190 €

Stage 10

Maun - Johannesburg

21.3 to 4.4.2015


Through the Kalahari

Vast expanses of land, pure tranquillity, red sand dunes and barren semi-arid areas shape the face of this stage. Yet in the heart of this seemingly uninhabitable region we’ll find a broad range of animals, including lions, elephants, springboks, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes, blue wildebeest and many more. Our route takes us through the most stunning areas of the 1.2 million square kilometre Kalahari Desert, along tracks that were still impassable just a few years ago. A truly unique offroad adventure!


15 Days

4.380 €

Stage 11

Johannesburg - Johannesburg

4.4. to 18.4.2015


Garden Route and Lesotho

Solitary bays, blue lagoons and fairytale-like primeval forests – eating oysters with a view of the Indian Ocean and amazing offroad drives through wild, almost untouched mountain landscapes... These are just a few of the highlights of this XWORLD stage, which runs from Johannesburg down the famous Garden Route with a brief detour through the Kingdom of Lesotho before once again returning to Johannesburg.

15 Days

4.380 €

Stage 12

Johannesburg - Johannesburg

16.4. to 23.4.2015


Kruger National Park

On this stage, XWORLD participants get up close to Africa’s amazing animal kingdom in the Kruger National Park. Starting in Johannesburg, we head to the continent’s oldest wildlife reserve. As we drive through flat bushland and savannah landscapes and along rivers and other water bodies you can observe elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, buffaloes, antelopes, hippos, wildebeest, leopards, hyenas, zebras and many other animals in their natural habitats. A true paradise for both humans and animals.


8 Days

2.250 €

Stage 13

Johannesburg - Johannesburg

9.5. to 23.5.2015


A Zimbabwean adventure

Zimbabwe is a secret favourite of many safari enthusiasts. Enchanting landscapes, exciting gravel tracks and animal-filled national parks such as Mana Pools, Matusadona or Hwange make the country one of the world’s best safari destinations and this stage an extra special one. We also visit the amazing Victoria Falls and, last but certainly not least, take a brief trip to Botswana.


15 Days

4.150 €

Stage 14

Johannesburg - Johannesburg

23.5. to 6.6.2015


Wild, primordial Mozambique

This XWORLD stage heads away from the tourist trails and into little explored areas of Mozambique. Adventurous tracks take us through the primordial Zinave and Banhine National Parks and into the Limpopo National Park on the edge of the Kruger National Park. Of course, we don’t miss the chance to visit Mozambique’s expansive white beaches. A trip across Swaziland and a visit to the Kruger National Park round off the trip and make this a truly unforgettable stage of the tour.

15 Days

3.980 €

Stage 15

Johannesburg - Arusha

6.6. to 20.6.2015


Following in the footsteps of David Livingstone

In 1841, the missionary David Livingstone set off to Africa. As the first European to stand at the Victoria Falls, he also navigated the Zambesi River and discovered Lake Malawi. Over the last 170 years, the region has been

increasingly developed but there is still plenty to see and discover on the route from Johannesburg past the Victoria Falls and along Lake Malawi and the Massai Steppe to Arusha.


15 Days

4.390 €

Stage 16

Arusha - Arusha

20.6. to 3.7.2015


A dream safari in Eastern Africa

Huge herds of animals, endless plains, mountains towering at over 5,000 m, volcanoes, vast lakes and the largest game reserve on the continent. On route from Lake Victoria to Kilimanjaro, this XWORLD stage travels through the fascinating landscapes of the Ngorongoro, the Serengeti, the Masai Mara and the Tsavo National Park, all of which are filled with an abundance of animal species. This is one trip that is guaranteed to be unforgettable!


14 Days

5.980 €

Stage 17

Arusha - Arusha

4.7. to 11.7.2015


Around Kilimanjaro

At a height of 5,892 metres, the ‘white roof of Africa’ towers up majestically from stunningly beautiful savannah and safari regions. This stage follows a clockwise route around Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Keeping this in sight at all times, the participants can expect an exciting and adventurous trip through the Maasai region, nature reserves teaming with wildlife, such as the beautifully picturesque Arusha National Park, the tourist highlight of the Amboseli National Park and the alluring and diverse Tsavo West National Park.


8 Days

2.650 €

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Stage 18

Arusha - Dar es Salaam

18.7. to 1.8.2015


Adventure around Lake Victoria

The East African Rift is not only regarded as the ‘cradle of mankind’ but also as one of Africa’s most beautiful and diverse areas. The route runs along the over 6,000 km rift through the breathtaking and animal-filled steppe landscape of the Serengeti, past the vast expanses of Lakes Victoria and Turkana to the over 5,000 m high Mount Kenya. The journey along the history-steeped Rift Valley on adventurous tracks through diverse landscapes makes this trip simply unforgettable. .


15 Days

4.380 €

Stage 19

Addis Abeba - Addis Abeba

1.8. to 15.8.2015


The cradle of mankind

Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and looks back on a long and proud history. On this XWORLD stage, we explore the historic north of this ancient cultural landscape, enjoy the fascinating country and culture and receive insights into their remarkable history, which dates back over three million years.

14 Days

4.190 €

Stage 20

Addis Abeba - Tripolis

15.8. to 5.9.2015


Between desert and ancient culture

Participants are awaited by unique landscapes, such as the Ethiopian highlands, the Butana Plain, the Nubian, White and Sirte Deserts and fertile oases. Combined with visits to relics of days gone by, such as the Pyramids of Meroe and Giza, the imperial city of Gonder or the Roman ruins in Leptis Magna, these make this XWORLD stage a unique and unforgettable adventure.

22 Days

5.950 €

Stage 21

Tripolis - Tripolis

5.9. to 19.9.2015


An exploration of Libya

The fascinating and mysterious country of Libya is located in the north of Africa between desert and the Mediterranean. In recent years, Libya has drawn attention to itself through shocking news reports. In the last few

months, the political situation in the desert state has noticeably stabilised. Although this naturally depends on the political situation on the planned date of departure, we hope to be able to operate this long-since impossible tour through this fantastic country in 2015. The planned route takes us to spectacular oases such as the Waw an Namus and the Mandara Lakes. As we drive through the breathtaking landscapes of the Sahara, you’ll be astounded at just how many different faces the desert can have.

14 Days

3.980 €













Stage 22

Tripolis - Bremen

20.9. to 18.10.2015


Sahara expedition

In the 19th century, the first Europeans set out across the Sahara on legendary expeditions. This adventurous XWORLD stage follows in the footsteps of great explorers such as Rohlfs, Barth and Nachtigal, heading along former caravan routes through the middle of the Sahara. Even today, large parts of this desert are visited by very few tourists. Providing the political situation is stable, this trip will be a true adventure for all the explorers among us.


29 Days

9.870 €





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