New start in the east


As the health and safety of XWORLD participants have top priority, the tour will stay away from western Africa, which is currently affected by the Ebola outbreak.  The original plans for the first two stages have therefore been changed: instead of starting in the north-west, the driving adventure will now commence in Egypt. The new first stage will run from 12/11 to 07/12 and take you down a spectacular eastern route to South Africa, from where the formerly third but now second stage of HANSA-FLEX XWORLD AFRICA will set off as planned. The full tour will last until autumn 2015.










New stage 1: straight down the continent


The six VW Amaroks specially modified in Germany to meet the high demands of the African terrain are being shipped to Egypt where they will await the participants who arrive for the new first stage.

From Alexandria, the tour will head along the Nile Valley, through the eastern Sahara across Sudan, into the cradle of mankind and to Ethiopia. Kenya and Tanzania offer an exciting abundance of wild animals, the spectacular Victoria Falls await you in Zambia and, last but not least, Namibia’s desserts will truly put your driving skills to the test. After five extraordinary weeks and 11,000 kilometres, the breathtaking north-south tour of the continent will end at the Cape of Good Hope.



Steering clear of risk areas


Africa is a huge continent with most countries located a long way from the regions affected by Ebola – some are even thousands of kilometres away. The HANSA-FLEX XWORLD tour steers clear of the affected areas, as well as any other regions of Africa that are classed as potentially unsafe. As with the previous XWORLD tours, we keep a constant eye on the Foreign Office’s travel and safety advice. Our seasoned German guides from experience GmbH have a fantastic knowledge of the continent and keep HANSA-FLEX XWORLD AFRICA participants well away from critical regions!


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